April 2020

Saturday, April 4: I’m grateful to my employer for providing full pay these past two weeks while we all stayed home, but the other shoe has dropped and I got laid off, effective Monday. Of course I should apply for unemployment; the only jobs in my area seem to be at Target, Walmart, or Kroger, and with my age and physical limitations (no heavy lifting) it seems silly to think I could do well in any of these places, if only for the interim that I’m furloughed.

It would help greatly if folks could buy some chapbooks. I may run a couple sales to push backlist titles I have on hand. I may go further and offer books from my personal library again, which I’ve done before (though it hurts to part with them). I’m always available to read manuscripts for a modest fee and can provide references. If anyone else has ideas, I’m all ears. And thanks.