January 2015

Sunday, January 11: Still no luck accessing the Seven Kitchens Press site. If no help is forthcoming, it looks like I will have to migrate everything to a new site and let the original one die. I don’t want to do that–it’s very frustrating to be locked out of a site that I’ve worked hard on for years, plus I really don’t have the time to rebuild everything. People are checking 7KP every week and it’s been essentially dead in the water all of December. I need help.

  • update: I was finally able to get some help by creating a new site and then logging into the help forum for assistance in gaining access to the original 7KP site (this one). Though the preceding note may seem a bit confusing (how could he post to a site he’s locked out of?) I want to keep it as a reference to the problem I had the whole month of December.

Tuesday, January 20: So I’ve decided: I’m going to move back to Cincinnati, my birthplace and home of my mother and siblings, as soon as I can afford it. To that end, I’m seriously downsizing my personal library (new listings here) and will be selling off as much as I can bear of other possessions. I’m going to imagine this winter as a kind of grief tornado that swept, is sweeping, the apartment free of what I don’t absolutely need. More soon.

Friday, January 23: The living room is cluttered with stacks of page sets: some folded and weighted under heavy books, some waiting to be folded, some trimmed and tucked into their covers and waiting to be sewn. Six or seven stacks. Or eight. Or more. I can’t remember how many are on the bookcase behind me.

Kate Fox’s chapbook, Walking Off the Map, is coming out in February, just ahead of Doug Paul Case’s Something to Hide My Face In. This afternoon I picked up twenty covers for WOtM, and printed ten page sets tonight. Not good for much else tonight; I worked a ten-hour shift today and my feet, eyes, brain are dog-tired. Kate has a reading on January 29, so I’m trying to get a few early copies out to her.

And oh, golly, the copies I still owe others. (See above re: page sets everywhere.) I’m working on it; it’s really all I seem to do when I get home these days. That, and fretting. I’m getting into the very bad habit of fretting, when I know full well the only thing to do about what might happen is to manage what I can and let the rest happen as it will.

Monday, January 26: Mailed 10 advance copies of Walking Off the Map this morning. Tonight I’m binding You Could Learn a Lot, a fresh batch, some for the giveaway we did on Facebook early this month and the rest to fill some orders that have come in (thank you all). Then finalizing the proof copy of Something to Hide My Face In, which I need to get into the mail on Wednesday. Having more or less mastered lentil soup, I am trying my hand at a simple chili tonight. Other than that, it’s all chapbooking.

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