May 2012

Monday, May 7:

  • E-mail from RHW asking about her chapbook, which is woefully behind schedule because I’ve had such trouble getting the cover to come out right. The digital image is great, but the color quality of the printed image isn’t near what I wanted it to be. Need to just assemble a copy and send it, see what she thinks. We must move forward, even if it’s not perfect. (Did I just say that?)

Friday, May 11:

  • Designed and printed a postcard calling for summer interns. How I need them.

Saturday, May 12:

  • Put together fifteen page sets of JEL’s chapbook this afternoon. Tying them tonight so they can go out in Monday’s mail (hopefully) to the author.
  • Also received proof pages back from EG in the mail; need to input those corrections and finish a cover design.
  • Tomorrow: print more page sets to fill orders. Need to buy paper.

Sunday, May 13:

  • Finished a cover design for EG’s upcoming chapbook. E-mailed her the PDF. Hoping she’ll like the cover so I can request permission from the artist, whose work we’ve used once before.

Monday, May 14:

  • Bought toner–I anticipate running out soon. The laser printer makes a funny noise when it runs pages through; I don’t know what that’s about. Crossing my fingers that it’s nothing.
  • Printed out two test covers for EG’s chapbook, just to see how the colors work with the low-res jpeg I used. I like very much. This is gonna be a gorgeous chapbook.
  • Heard back from the artist–permission granted as long as we print details per her instructions on the back cover. The back cover is pretty full already, so something has to go. Reluctantly cut another sentence from Judith’s blurb (the full text will go on the book page at our site) and sent an email out to EG asking which option she preferred (as to cutting something else to make room). Heard back quickly–thanks!
  • Got high-res jpeg from artist. All is good to go as soon as I finish my final grading (ahem).

Friday, May 18:

  • A busy week. Had 50 new chapbook covers printed for JEL, EG, and CP (50 each). Input final edits to EG’s chap and printed the first 15 page sets–working on assembling these ASAP. Several events are coming up in June for which our authors need copies and I hope I can get them sent out in time. Next on the design table is DJD’s overdue chapbook–I hope to have a printed proof ready this week for the author. Our Summer Kitchen Series is coming up fast, and final determinations need to be made on the Editor’s Prize selections. Meanwhile, I’m sending out postcards and e-mails reminding folks that the Rane Arroyo Prize is open for submissions: this one means a lot to me and I truly hope that folks respond well and help us launch a successful series.

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