June 2018 is Giving Month

June 2018 is Seven Kitchens Giving Month, and we are trying to raise $575 to purchase a block of one hundred ISBNs–enough for every eligible chapbook in print plus a surplus to carry us through the next two years.

$1 from everyone who reads this page would surpass our goal! If you wish to make an anonymous gift, we’re fine with that; just let us know. 

It’s easy to donate by Paypal–just follow this link and choose your level from the drop-down menu. If you’d rather not use Paypal, just email us at SevenKitchensPress AT gmail DOT com.

$5 donation: Thank you so much!

$10 donation includes your choice of any chapbook from our ReBound Series.

$15 donation includes your choice of any chapbook we’ve published during 2018.

$25 includes your choice of any two titles from our Editor’s Series. 

Thanks so much to the following individuals for your support of this project:

| JeFF Stumpo | Hannah Larrabee | David J. Bauman | Jeff Oaks | Mary Meriam |
| Liz Ahl | Susan Sailer | Robin Reagler | Karen Weyant | Diane LeBlanc |
| Headmistress Press | Wayne Johns | Jeff Walt | Karen Jaquish | Michael Montlack |
| Sam Pittman | Terry Kirts | Erik Schuckers |