Launched in the fall of 2007, Seven Kitchens Press has published over 180 chapbooks through eight series: the Keystone Series (focusing on the work of poets with Pennsylvania roots), the Robin Becker Series (showcasing LGBTQIA poets), the ReBound Series (bringing well-deserving out-of-print chapbooks into new, updated editions), the Editor’s Series (soliciting manuscripts by invitation and “rescuing” worthy contenders which didn’t place in our other series), the Rane Arroyo Series (honoring the memory and work of the beloved writer and professor), the Summer Kitchen Series (featuring three to five limited-edition chapbooks published over the hot summer months), and, most recently, the A.V. Christie Series for women writers over the age of 50 and the Allison Joseph Series for BIPOC women writers.

Our staff includes founding publisher and editor Ron Mohring, series editor Steve Bellin-Oka (Robin Becker Series), and series co-editors Karen J. Weyant and Jeff Walt and (Keystone Series). We’re thrilled to welcome back Crystal Boson, who will serve as editor of our Allison Joseph Series in 2023. Our contact email is sevenkitchenspress@gmail.com.

Our goal has always been to publish the very best poetry and prose we can find in carefully-edited, hand-trimmed & hand-tied chapbooks; to work in close collaboration with authors through the production process; and to present a wide aesthetic range from both established and emerging writers. Seven Kitchens Press is committed to publishing the best poetry we can find and has always sought work from diverse and underrepresented voices. To date, more than half of our catalog represents LGBTQIA writers. We are working harder to reach out to traditionally underrepresented poets and invite them to submit their writing. We are very interested in bringing more readers on board to help us reach and maintain this goal. Please email us with the subject line “diversity” if you’d like to join this conversation.

We have always set aside 10% of each print run for reviewers and libraries. This includes desk copies: if you’re an instructor who might like to consider our chapbooks for classroom adoption, just email us (sevenkitchenspress at gmail dot com). Our thanks to Roy Guzmán for a recent heartfelt discussion on this topic. 

We hope you’ll browse through our titles and discover writers that you can’t wait to read more of.

If you’re on Facebook, please visit and become a fan of our page here.

It’s easy to donate to Seven Kitchens Press, and any amount is appreciated! Just send via PayPal to our contact email above. 

Finally, if you would like to support Seven Kitchens with your time and energy, let’s talk. We’d love to bring on a reviews editor and some additional readers who might step into series editor roles. Maybe you’d like to write a chapbook review or interview one of our poets? Are you looking to help maintain and develop our web site? If you’re local to Cincinnati, we are always looking for extra hands to help fold & sew chapbooks. For these or other ideas, just reach out to our email address could use extra help with with the subject line “helping hands.” Thanks so much.

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  1. Eileen M. D'Angelo

    Dear Ron,
    I tried to email you a few weeks back. I want to thank you for posting my email announcement about the death of my friend, Lou McKee, on your blog. He was a dear friend since the 80’s, and it is really still so hard to believe he is gone. I knew his book, No Matter, was being re-released in November, and I just purchased several copies, including one for Lou’s sister, Michele, as well. I have the original No Matter, which was released back in 1987, and I am looking forward to see the new copy- thank you for keeping his words alive.
    I have arranged for a memorial to take place at Media Borough Hall, in the Mansion Parlor Room, 301 N. Jackson Street in Media on Sunday, March 18, 2011 at 1 pm. His sister is working with me to coordinate get display board, photographs, yearbooks, awards, etc., and some of his old friends will come and read his poems (some of them I know you know), including Joseph Farley, Dan Hoffman, Harry Humes, WD Ehrhart, Paul Martin, Elaine Terranova, Ray Greenblatt.
    If you can get me a promotional flyer for No Matter, I would like to make copies and have them available at his memorial.
    Some supporters/staffers of the lit mag I edit (Mad Poets Review) & long time members of the Mad Poets Society have made donations so we can publish Lou’s unpublished works. I have started to collect his unpublished works and it will take time, but there is a group of Lou’s friends who are dedicated to seeing this happen. Again, thanks for your kind words about Lou and for posting the info. I wanted to thank you so much for doing that. I also followed the link on your site to Lilliput Review’s “Issa’s Untidy Hut” and the stories there, as well.
    It is so heart-warming to read the posts and how much his friendship and his memorable poems were appreciated.
    He will be so missed by his family, friends and fans.
    Thank you again for everything.
    Sincerely, Eileen (D’Angelo).


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