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Jinx. Poems by Rae Gouirand, selected by Ron Mohring as Number Two in Volume Seven of our Summer Kitchen Chapbook Series.

Publication:  June 30, 2019 [49 copies]
27 pages
$ 9.00

Cover image: vintage curtain panel, French, circa 1900.

Rae Gouirand is the author of two collections of poetry, Glass Is Glass Water Is Water (Spork Press, 2018) and Open Winter (winner of the Bellday Prize, Bellday Books, 2011), the chapbook Must Apple (winner of the Oro Fino Competition, Educe Press, 2018), and a short work of nonfiction, The History of Art, a winner in the fourth annual Open Reading Competition at The Atlas Review (forthcoming 2019). Founder of numerous long-running workshops in poetry and prose in northern California and online, she lectures in the Department of English at the University of California, Davis.


Like butter softened, barely held
I tell her

there is a place given way,
a totality obtained.

What is capture if not a yield–
both the riches and

the richening,
the treasure and the robbed rooting need.

The only word I can think of
that verb: 

its invention gone under
separating for what is harder

the line ruined in its singing.
What arches up.


–Thank you to Bateau Lit Mag for first publishing this poem.

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