David J. Bauman | Angels & Adultery

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Angels & Adultery: poems by David J. Bauman. Number 17 in the Robin Becker Chapbook Series, selected by Nickole Brown. 

Publication:  May 19, 2018 [100 copies]
28 pages
$ 9.00

David J. Bauman is the author of Moons, Roads, and Rivers (Finishing Line Press, 2017). David’s poems have appeared in 2 Bridges Review, Barely South Review, San Pedro Review, Blue Hour Magazine, and Contemporary American Voices. He’s a winner of the University Prize from the Academy of American Poets and co-editor of the literary magazine, Word Fountain. An avid birder and book lover, David directs a small public library in northeast Pennsylvania. 


When I knocked on your door that day
not long after our first date
I had a toddler in one arm, his head

snoozing on my shoulder,
and I held the hand of a sleepy
six-year-old at my side.

You were barefoot, unshaven,
a dust cloth in your hand, your
eyes as wide as I would ever see them.

Just blocks away was Divine Providence,
the old Catholic hospital where my wife
and newborn son lay sleeping.

I lifted my arms just an inch or so,
not a shrug exactly, but an admission
of my folly, as if to say,

these are the pieces of my life;
this is everything. Help me.
You nodded and opened wide the door.