Chris Philpot | The Way to the Citadel

Philpot_The Way to the Citadel_webThe Way to the Citadel: a poem by Chris Philpot. Number 18 in the Robin Becker Chapbook Series, selected by Nickole Brown. 

Publication:  October 21, 2018 [100 copies]
ISBN: 978-1-949333-39-8
24 pages

$ 9.00

Chris Philpot lives in Oakland, where he co-edits speCt! books. His poems have appeared in DIAGRAMColumbia Poetry ReviewForklift, Ohio, and elsewhere. He loves his friends.

In my language dread is its own pronoun.

Trucks breathe their black breath about the city.

I watch a video of a crow with a knife in its beak.

To be nervous is the best workout.

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