Jonathan Bracker | Attending Junior High

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Attending Junior High: poems by Jonathan Bracker. Selected as Number 6 in Volume Four of our Editor’s Series, these poems are an important contribution to the literature of coming out (and staying in) in 1940s America. 

Publication:  January 11, 2020 [100 copies]
34 pages
ISBN: 978-1-949333-63-3
$ 9.00

Born in 1936, Jonathan Bracker’s previous poetry collections include Constellations of Clover (Prickly Pear, 1973), Duplicate Keys (Thorp Springs, 1978), Some Poems about Women (Bootleg Pr, 1993), Paris Sketches (Thorp Springs, 2005), Civilian Aboard U.S. Navy Ship at Sea (Seven Kitchens, 2011), This Day (WordTech, 2015), and Concerning Poetry: Poems about Poetry (Upper Hand, 2017). He lives and writes in San Francisco.

He Looks at Judith Blair

Across from the playing field, page-boy hair chalicing
Her head on its long neck like a tulip,
Taller than her chums, laughing quietly among them
Like a uniformed Helen Hayes in A Farewell to Arms
With Gary Cooper striding toward her down the ward–

Only, the boy isn’t Coop, and he knows it