Crystal Boson | The Queer Texas Prayerbook

Boson_The Queer Texas Prayerbook_cover 01The Queer Texas Prayerbook: poems by Crystal Boson. Number 5 in Volume Three of our limited-edition Summer Kitchen Series.  

Cover image: antique quilting fabric, Pennsylvania. Series design by Ron Mohring.

Published: September 21, 2012 [49 copies]
21 pages
$9.00  S O L D   O U T

Crystal Boson is fascinated by Hoodoo, Black Sci-fi, roller derby, food mills, and the upcoming zombie apocalypse. She has been previously published in Callaloo, Pank, and The Black Bottom, and is in an anthology of Queer Midwestern writers. Her previous chapbook, the icarus series, was published by Seven Kitchens Press in 2009. When not writing poetry about Texas, bar fights, or existential love, she is a PhD student in American Studies at the University of Kansas. Crystal holds both a B.A. and M.A. in English Literature, from the University of Missouri and Texas A&M University respectively. She currently resides in Lawrence, KS with her Macbook, a basil plant named Lazarus and her cat, Delphina Jenkins Boson III.


in my father’s house there are
many rooms that need cleaning
vacuums who roar to run
and wood that begs for white gloves
laundry awaits new fingers
and plates will call your true name
our lady of perpetual dish washing
if this were not true
i would have told you so

  • Click here to purchase Crystal’s new chapbook, The Bitter Map, from Honeysuckle Press.

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