Doug Paul Case | Something to Hide My Face In

Case_Something to Hide My Face In_web cover

Something to Hide My Face In. Poems by Doug Paul Case, selected by Ron Mohring as the winner of the 2013 Robin Becker Chapbook Prize.

Publication:  March 31, 2015 [125 copies]
24 pages
$ 9.00

Cover art by Yvan Blavier; used by permission. Cover design by Adriana Marroquin.

Doug Paul Case works as a salon receptionist in Bloomington, Indiana. His poems have appeared in Salt Hill, Court Green, The Chattahoochee Review, and Bloom. He is the publisher of Gabby and the poetry editor of Word Riot, and he’s probably wearing a cardigan.

July 23, 2011
for Amy Winehouse

It was never safe
for us, dancing

(by which I mean
hip swiveling, chanting

No, no, no . . .
clapping, condemning

men that done us wrong)
around the kitchen,

notes, approximations

against rattling dishes–
bass high–before

daddy came home
from work, when he’d ask

about the noise &
about my feet, rocking

the fuck-me pumps
even his daughter

wasn’t allowed to own.

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