Edison Dupree | Boy With a Ball

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Boy With a Ball: poems by Edison Dupree. Number 3 in Volume Four of our Editor’s Series.

Publication:  October 21, 2019 [100 copies]
26 pages
ISBN 978-1-949333-60-2
$ 9.00

Cover image: Rebecca Doughty.

Edison Dupree‘s collection Prosthesis appeared in the Bluestem Award series, and his earlier chapbook A Rapid Transit was published by the North Carolina Writers’ Network. He is a native of North Carolina, but has lived for many years in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He works as a library assistant at Harvard University.


You’re right, the world is lost. But wait– 
here on the table this pepper alone
until you shake it
is night and stars by the million, 

your dream vacation in space–
all your body’s sad comedy suddenly weightless, 
tumbling along, the way lost satellites do.
Nowhere they have to be . . . 

And afterward, whatever the hand has earthquaked
up, that little gray storm 
out there beyond the crook of the arm, 
is yours. You wrecked it. 

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