Kevin McLellan | Round Trip

Round Trip. Number Six in the Seven Kitchens Press Editor’s Series, selected by Ron Mohring.

Original cover art & design by Gee Wong.

Poems written in collaboration between Kevin McLellan and fifteen women poets: Nellie Bellows, Carrie Bennett, Jessica Bozek, Connie Donovan,  Andrea Dulberger, Rebecca Griffin, Kate Faragher Houghton, Karen Lepri, Pelle Lowe, Diana McLellan, Caroline Mercurio, Sue Nacey, Heather Overby, Judi Silverman, and Cheryl Clark Vermeulen.

Published: March 15, 2010 [125 copies]
Second printing: May, 2010 [100 copies]
25 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0-9825529-5-7

Kevin McLellan has recent or forthcoming poems in journals including: Barrow Street, Colorado Review, Drunken Boat, Exquisite Corpse, Hunger Mountain, Interim, Southern Humanities Review and others.  He is an MFA graduate of Vermont College and teaches creative writing at the University of Rhode Island (Providence). Kevin lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

After Phosphorescence 

A smack of jellyfish gelatinizes
the beach: man-o-war 

blue bottles pop from hot
sand: tide churns these alien 

bodies: we wonder why we
gather and destruct: category 4 

of shellfish: gulls slope
above a shanty where 

a lone red-faced man
with tarred feet collects sand 

dollars: the shrimp boat
he watches is being lifted

by thousands of wings: how
we can release ourselves:

[co-written with Nellie Bellows]

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