Ava Sayaka Rosen | Rattle & Sway

Rattle & Sway. Number 5 in the second volume of our limited-edition Summer Kitchen Series. 

Published: Sept 10, 2011
20 pages
Limited edition – only 49 copies exist

Ava Sayaka Rosen grew up in San Francisco. In June 2009, she studied at the University of Hyderabad and traveled throughout India, inspiring Rattle & Sway. She is constantly experimenting with style and voice, but this collection is her firts effort at the prose poem. At the University of California, Santa Cruz, she was introduced to letterpress, printing, and bookbinding. For two years, she was editor of UCSC’s longest-running literary magazine, Chinquapin. In June 2010, she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Literature and Creative Writing, and continues to pursue her passion for poetry and the book arts.


No water tonight–only a bottle of Old Monk and my curry
fingernails.  Nevertheless. I will not throw my back out 
swatting a mosquito.  I have eyes only for the candle shed-
ding its trunk to spread roots down the cracks of the 
wooden table. Tonight I will dream of the Delhi trees bust-
ing through concrete and of catching the crumbs in my  

Musoorie, 12 July

Please click here to purchase Ava’s chapbook through Paypal, or send an email to Seven Kitchens Press to inquire about other ways to get your copy.

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