Lucas Jacob | Wishes Wished Just Hard Enough

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Wishes Wished Just Hard Enough. Poems by Lucas Jacob, selected by Ron Mohring as Number One in Volume Seven of our Summer Kitchen Chapbook Series.

Publication:  June 1, 2019 [49 copies]
22 pages
$ 9.00 S O L D   O U T

Cover image: vintage curtain panel, French, circa 1900.

Lucas Jacob’s poetry and prose have appeared in journals including Southwest Review, Hopkins Review, Barrow Street, and Cherry Tree. His first full-length poetry collection, The Machinery of Someone Else’s Dream, is forthcoming in October 2019 from Eyewear Publishing. In 2015, Anchor & Plume Press published his chapbook, A Hole in the Light. He is a high-school teacher whose career has brought him many wonderful things, including the honor of serving as a Fulbright Fellow in Budapest, Hungary. He lives in Indianapolis.  


To my ear, it always sounded
like not-fast gin, as if
by virtue of a somehow casual
fermentation, the stuff would
creep up on you, thickening
your thoughts and tongue
before you knew what hit you.

How delicious to know now
that the sour fruit
of prunus spinosa is called
a drupe, and does exactly that
in blackthorn bunches, hanging
in tight-knit clumps like organs
drawn in against needing
a quick one for the road.

  • This limited edition has S O L D   O U T: only 24 copies were sold by the press. Thanks so much for your support for this poet and his work!