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Nothing Nice: poems by Jim Elledge. Number 9 in our ReBound Series, with an introduction by David Groff.

Cover art by Damon Dorsey.

Publication:  January 18, 2019 [100 copies]
ISBN: 978-1-949333-44-2
31 pages
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Poet, biographer, and scholar, Jim Elledge has been awarded two Lambda Literary Awards, one for his book-length poem A History of My Tattoo and the other for Who’s Yer Daddy? Gay Writers Celebrate Their Mentors and Forerunners, which he coedited with David Groff. His most recent collection is Bonfire of the Sodomites. His biographies include Harvey Darger, Throwaway Boy: The Tragic Life of an Outsider Artist and The Boys of Fairy Town: Sodomites, Female Impersonators, Third-Sexers, Pansies, Queers, and Sex Morons in Chicago’s First Century, a gay history told through the lives of gay men. Elledge lives in Middlesboro, KY and San Juan, PR.

Rock & Roll Confidential

Iggy Pop still drops
trou now &
then Central Park to 
Shanty Town when
the spirit moves him
to where it stops 

The Wailers stop mid-
up, Brother Bob passed on, stand
up, still everywhere
over, under, & on stage. 

Then, on the upswing,
Tina Turner sweats
nothing nice &
puddles around the
mike for hours
dancer myself afterwards,
Smart Bar, nonstop.

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