Julie R Enszer | Sisterhood

Published: June 30, 2010 [49 copies]
24 pages
Limited edition

Julie R Enszer‘s first book of poetry, Handmade Love, was published in 2010 by A Midsummer Night’s Press. Se has her MFA from the University of Maryland and is working on a PhD in Women’s Studies. Her poetry has appeared in Iris: A Journal About Women, Room of One’s Own, Long Shot, the Web Del Sol Review, and the Jewish Women’s Literary Annual. She is a regular book reviewer for the Lambda Book Report and Calyx. 

She and I

We were never close.
Never dyed our hair together.
No tandem manicures. 
No joint shopping excursions.
We fought. 
Earlier, in the back seat
of the Caprice Classic
on family vacations 
and later on the telephone.
Before she died, I told her
no one could take her seriously.
It was the way she talked. 
So fast. And breathless. 
Ending every declarative
with the intonation of a question.
She dismissed me, angrily.
She said, You don’t understand 
my artistic personality. 
I didn’t. The dancing. 
They boyfriends. Alternative 
music. I disdained 
them all. This is the truth: 
I’ve loved many women 
more than my sister.
Had she lived, she would 
have been nothing more than 
a familial correspondent–
treacly holiday sentiments 
and Hallmarked birthdays. 
Occasionally, I might have 
called her; late on Sundays, 
with an obligatory update.
But now we’re closer
than we’ve ever been. Dead,
my sister is finally present. 

Please click here to purchase Julie’s chapbook.

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