Christina Pacosz | In the Outlaw’s House

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In the Outlaw’s House: poems by Christina Pacosz. Number 9 in Volume Three of our Editor’s Series, this is the third of Christina’s chapbooks from Seven Kitchens Press.

Publication:  January 21, 2019 [100 copies]
26 pages
ISBN 978-1-949333-45-9
$ 9.00

Christina Pacosz has been writing for more than half a century; her poems and prose appear in books, small mags and online journals. In 2009, Notes from the Red Zone, originally published by Seal Press in 1983 as part of their anti-nuclear series, was the inaugural selection of the ReBound Series by Seven Kitchens Press. How to Measure the Darkness was the initial chapbook in the 2012 Summer Kitchen Series by Seven Kitchens Press. Christina’s oeuvre, journals, and other papers and photographs are available at the Bentley Historical Collection at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

No Time for More

Pulling up the blind I knew
what was crumpled in the street
in front of our house wasn’t trash
or discarded clothing
but I had to go out the door
to check before I told you I need 
a shovel and tried to use it
The dead possum was too heavy to lift
so I walked back to the house again
and asked for your help
You grimaced at such a gory task at 4 AM
I followed you out with a flashlight and a cardboard box
and waited for you to walk up the cement stairs across the street
that once went to houses long gone now
then watched you put the makeshift casket in the trees

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