Guillermo Castro | Cry Me a Lorca

Cry Me a LorcaNumber 4 in the inaugural Summer Kitchen Series.

Published: July 21, 2010 [49 copies]
23 pages
Limited edition

[  S O L D   O U T  ]

Guillermo Castro is a poet hailing from Argentina with a passion for dulce de leche. Luckily he’s also a swimmer to burn off the calories. His poems have been published in many journals and in anthologies such as My Diva, This Full Green Hour, Saints of Hysteria, This New Breed, and more.  His translations of Olga Orozco, in collaboration with Ron Drummond, are represented in Guernica, Terra Incognita, U.S. Latino Review, and Visions.  

{ Firefly on the Bus }

Less feline eye
than stray spark
it quivers above
my passenger head
like one’s only one
good idea, pondered,
rejected, and pondered again
until scooped and flicked out
the window by way
of a quick,
foolish hand. 

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