David J Daniels | Breakfast in the Suburbs

Breakfast in the Suburbs: Poems by David J. Daniels. Number Three in Volume Two of our Editor’s Series and runner-up for the 2011 Editor’s Prize.

Cover design: Kim Manajek & Ben Griswold: www.spatialpoetics.com.

Published: August 1, 2012 [125 copies]
27 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0-9839292-5-3

David J. Daniels was raised in Texas and served as Poetry Editor of Born Magazine. A former Stadler Poetry Fellow at Bucknell University, he received his MFA at Indiana University where he served as Editor of Indiana Review. He currently teaches in the University Writing Program at the University of Denver. His first full-length collection, Clean, was selected by D.A. Powell for the 2012 Intro Prize and is forthcoming from Four Way Books.

Shell Station 

I hereby vow to love the sores
You medicate at night, if you adore
The warts that form in circles on my heel.
My belly rash, for each toenail that peels

Off you like mica, gracing the sheets
We’ve shared, our bed overlooking a busy street
Where, tonight, a skinny girl in bruises hollers
At her man pumping gas, take your shit no more . . .

We’ve just made love in the fumes of gasoline.
By the light of that hovering shell, you sleep.
Here are my bad teeth, the illness I made you keep.

I’ll take your shit; for my jaw that never healed
From childhood. Take my hand. Let me feel
That scar in the shape of Mexico again. 

Purchase David’s chapbook here.

2 thoughts on “David J Daniels | Breakfast in the Suburbs

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  2. Lance

    I’ve only read two poems from David, but I want to read all of them. He walks a very nice line between academic and popular themes and cadences. Often, academics’ poetry is too dry and cerebral to be entertaining, while popular poetry is often just loose and undisciplined. Daniels’ poems–the two that I’ve read–strike the best of both of those chords: personal without being solipsistic, edgy without being sensationalized, deep without being pedantic or dryly academic. I really love this stuff.


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