Susan Austin | Requiem

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Requiem. A poem by Susan Austin, selected by Ron Mohring as Number Four in Volume Seven of our Summer Kitchen Chapbook Series.

Publication:  September 10, 2019 [49 copies]
20 pages
$ 9.00

Cover image: antique fabric panel, French, circa 1910.

Susan Austin lives in Idaho with her husband and dog. A former Michener Fellow, her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Puerto del Sol, The Cincinnati Review, High Desert Journal, The Sow’s Ear, BOATT, and other journals. Her chapbook Disappearing Word will be published by Seven Kitchens Press in 2020. Requiem is taken from the larger work of poems Sleeping Under Snow. 

excerpts from Requiem:

Through a slim crack in the laundry room door
regret finds me curled on a pile of dirty sheets.

There are no hiding places left.
Time to put the garden to rest.

**   **   **   

I thought a dry river bed.
I thought the dead leave behind all imperfection.
I thought my grief hard and fat.

**   **   **   

In my dreams he is still punctual.

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