Our books

A list of every chapbook we’ve published since 2007. Individual author pages may now be found under their Series heading on our main page (for example, find Judith Barrington’s Lost Lands by hovering your cursor over the Robin Becker Chapbook Series button). Details of our forthcoming titles may be found here.


  • Harry Humes, Underground Singing [Keystone Series 01]


  • Deborah Burnham, Still [Keystone Series 02]
  • Judith Barrington, Lost Lands [Robin Becker Series 01]


  • Daniel M. Jaffe, One-Foot Lover [Editor’s Series 01]
  • Steven Riel, Postcard from P-town [Robin Becker Series 02]
  • Matthew Hittinger, Platos de Sal [Editor’s Series 02]
  • Lisa Sewell, Long Corridor [Keystone Series 03] [second edition, 2013]
  • Katherine Bode-Lang, Spring Melt [Keystone Series 04]
  • Christina Pacosz, Notes from the Red Zone [ReBound Series 01]
  • JeFF Stumpo, The Icarus Sketches / Crystal Boson, the icarus series [Editor’s Series 03] [tandem volume]
  • Boyer Rickel, reliquary [Editor’s Series 04]
  • Erin M Bertram, Inland Sea [Robin Becker Series 03]


  • Jeff Walt, Soot [Keystone Series 05]
  • RJ Gibson, Scavenge [Robin Becker Series 04]
  • Christine Klocek-Lim, The book of small treasures [Editor’s Series 05]
  • Kevin McLellan, Round Trip [Editor’s Series 06]
  • Rebecca Lauren, The Schwenkfelders [Keystone Series 06]
  • John Repp, Big Conneautee: American Haibun [Editor’s Series 07]
  • Jeff Oaks, Shift [Summer Kitchen Series 1.01]
  • Julie R Enszer, Sisterhood [Summer Kitchen Series 1.02]
  • Daniel Nathan Terry, Waxwings [Summer Kitchen Series 1.03]
  • Terry Kirts, To the Refrigerator Gods [Editor’s Series 08]
  • Guillermo Castro, Cry Me a Lorca [Summer Kitchen Series 1.04]
  • Ed Madden, Nest [Summer Kitchen Series 1.05]
  • Gabriel Welsch, An Eye Fluent in Gray [Editor’s Series 09]
  • Naomi Lazard, Ordinances [ReBound Series 02]
  • Todd Davis, Household of Water, Moon & Snow: The Thoreau Poems [Editor’s Series 10]


  • Christina Hutchins, Radiantly We Inhabit the Air [Robin Becker Series 05]
  • Austin Gray, The Mystery of Horses [Robin Becker Series 06]
  • Steve Turtell, Letter to Frank O’Hara [ReBound Series 03]
  • Heather Burns, Between Careen & Caution [Editor’s Series 11]
  • Leonard Kress, Braids & Other Sestinas [Keystone Series 07]
  • Catherine Staples, Never a Note Forfeit [Keystone Series 08]
  • Robin Reagler, Dear Red Airplane [Summer Kitchen Series 2.01]
  • Celeste Gainey, In the land of speculation & seismography [Summer Kitchen Series 2.02]
  • Jonathan Bracker, Civilian Aboard U.S. Navy Ship at Sea [Summer Kitchen Series 2.03]
  • Collin Kelley, Slow to Burn [ReBound Series 04]
  • Mary Meriam, The Poet’s Zodiac [Summer Kitchen Series 2.04]
  • Daniel Nathan Terry, Days of Dark Miracles [Editor’s Series 12]
  • Ava Sayaka Rosen, Rattle & Sway [Summer Kitchen Series 2.05]
  • Louis McKee, No Matter [ReBound Series 05]
  • Jeffery Beam, Winter Fires [ReBound Series 06]


  • Jeffrey Ethan Lee, Towards Euphoria [Editor’s Series 2.01]
  • Roxanne Halpine Ward, This Electric Glow [Editor’s Series 2.02]
  • Christina Pacosz, How to Measure the Darkness [Summer Kitchen Series 3.01]
  • Ellen Goldberg, Each Perfect One [Robin Becker Series 07]
  • Liz Ahl, Talking About the Weather [Summer Kitchen Series 3.02]
  • Casey Charles, Blood Work [Summer Kitchen Series 3.03]
  • David J Daniels, Breakfast in the Suburbs [Editor’s Series 2.03]
  • Jill McDonough, Oh, James! [Summer Kitchen Series 2.04]
  • D Gilson, Catch & Release [Robin Becker Series 08]
  • Crystal Boson, The Queer Texas Prayerbook [Summer Kitchen Series 2.05]


  • Ed Madden, My Father’s House [Editor’s Series 2.04]
  • Dave Bonta, Breakdown: Banjo Poems [Keystone Series 09]
  • William Kelley Woolfitt, The Salvager’s Arts [Keystone Series 10]
  • David Daniels, Indecency [Robin Becker Series 09]
  • David Eye, Rain Leaping Up When a Cab Goes Past [Editor’s Series 2.05]


  • Steven Alvarez, Six Poems from the Codex Mojaodicus [Rane Arroyo Series 01]
  • Rhett Watts, No Innocent Eye [Rane Arroyo Series 02]
  • A V Christie, The Wonders [Editor’s Series 2.06]
  • Jeff Oaks, Mistakes with Strangers [Editor’s Series 2.07]
  • R J Gibson, You Could Learn a Lot [Editor’s Series 2.08]
  • Michael Hurley, Wooden Boys [Keystone Series 11]
  • Sheila Squillante, In This Dream of My Father [Editor’s Series 2.09]
  • Ellen McGrath Smith, Scatter, Feed [Editor’s Series 2.10]


  • Kate Fox, Walking Off the Map [Editor’s Series|2.11]
  • Sarah B. Wiseman, Portraits [Robin Becker Series|10]
  • Doug Paul Case, Something to Hide My Face In [Robin Becker Series|11]
  • Matthew Wimberley, Snake Mountain Almanac [Rane Arroyo Series|03]
  • Hayden Saunier, Field Trip to the Underworld [Keystone Series|12]


  • Eric Schwerer, Cruel Folklore [Keystone Series|13]
  • Tammy Robacker, [Keystone Series|14]
  • Alison Taverna, What Hollywood Taught Me [Robin Becker Series|12]
  • Gregg Shapiro, Fifty Degrees [Robin Becker Series|13]
  • Mary Meriam, The Lesbian [Summer Kitchen Series|4.01]
  • Justin Sherwood, Low Theory [Summer Kitchen Series|4.02]
  • John Keene, Playland [Summer Kitchen Series|4.03]
  • Kat Black, The Paper God [Summer Kichen Series|4.04]
  • Erin M Bertram, from The Vanishing of Camille Claudel [Editor’s Series|2.12]
  • Liz Ahl, Home Economics [Editor’s Series|3.01]
  • Dakota Garilli, Call It Something Different [Editor’s Series|3.02]


  • Marjorie Maddox, Wives’ Tales [Editor’s Series|3.03]
  • Sierra Golden, Aristotle’s Lantern [Rane Arroyo Series|04]
  • Rodney Gomez, A Short Tablature of Loss [Rane Arroyo Series|05]
  • JeFF Stumpo, El Oceano y la Serpiente / The Ocean & the Serpent [ReBound Serie|07]
  • Alec Hershman, The Egg Goes Under [Summer Kitchen Series|5.01]
  • Priscilla Atkins, Drinking the Pink [Summer Kitchen Series|5.02]
  • Diane LeBlanc, This Space for Message [Editor’s Series|3.04]
  • Steve Bellin-Oka, Dead Letter Office at North Atlantic Station [Summer Kitchen Series|5.03]
  • Richard K Kent, Ice Carver [Summer Kitchen Series|5.04]
  • Cynthia Neely, Hopewell Bay [Summer Kitchen Series|5.05]
  • Ed Madden, So they can sing [Robin Becker Series|14]
  • Mary Ann Davis, Portrait of a Voice [Robin Becker Series|15]
  • Hannah Larrabee, Murmuration [Robin Becker Series|16]


  • JeFF Stumpo, Against Itself Cannot Stand [Editor’s Series|3.05]
  • Robin Reagler, Dear Red Airplane [ReBound Series|08]
  • Boyer Rickel, Musick’s Hand-Maid [Editor’s Series|3.06]
  • Sam Pittman, Mostly Water [Rane Arroyo Series|06]
  • Erin Murphy, Remorse Code [Keystone Series|15]
  • Wayne Johns, The Exclusion Zone [Rane Arroyo Series|07]
  • David J. Bauman, Angels & Adultery [Robin Becker Series|17]
  • Jill McCabe Johnson, Pendulum [Summer Kitchen Series|6.01]
  • Alyse Bensel, Lies to Tell the Body [Summer Kitchen Series|6.02]
  • Beverly Voigt, Woman of Salt [Summer Kitchen Series|6.03]
  • Scott Honeycutt, Twelve Miles North of the Ohio River [Summer Kitchen Series|6.04]
  • Jacob Budenz, Pastel Witcheries [Summer Kitchen Series|6.05]
  • Dana De Greff, Alterations [Rane Arroyo Series|08]
  • Melissa Atkinson Mercer, After the Miracle Season [Editor’s Series|3.07]
  • Chris Philpot, The Way to the Citadel [Robin Becker Series|18]
  • Patrick Ryan Frank, Come Panic [Editor’s Series|3.08]
  • Guillermo Filice Castro, Mix Tape for a War [Rane Arroyo Series|09]


  • William Varner, Leaving Erebus [Keystone Series|16]
  • Jim Elledge, Nothing Nice [ReBound Series|09]
  • Christina Pacosz, In the Outlaw’s House [Editor’s Series|3.09]
  • Bruce Bond, Arrow [Editor’s Series|3.10]
  • Alec Hershman, Permanent and Wonderful Storage [Robin Becker Series|19]
  • Allison Blevins, A Season for Speaking [Robin Becker Series|20]
  • Patrick Kindig, all the catholic gods [Robin Becker Series|21]
  • Deborah Burnham, Among the Other Dead [Keystone Series|17]
  • Trevor Ketner, Negative of a Photo of Fire [Editor’s Series|3.11]
  • Diane Scholl, Salt [Editor’s Series|3.12]
  • Christopher Nelson, Love Song for the New World [Editor’s Series|4.01]
  • Emily Mohn-Slate, Feed [Keystone Series|18]
  • Jennifer Jackson Berry, Bloodfish [Keystone Series|19]
  • Lucas Jacob, Wishes Wished Just Hard Enough [Summer Kitchen Series|7.01]
  • Rogan Kelly, Demolition in the Tropics [Editor’s Series|4.02]
  • Rae Gouirand, Jinx [Summer Kitchen Series|7.02]
  • Matt Daly, Red State [Rane Arroyo Series|10]
  • John Repp, Madeleine Wolfe: A Sequence [Summer Kitchen Series|7.03]
  • Susan Austin, Requiem [Summer Kitchen Series|7.04]
  • Doug Paul Case, Contemporary Aesthetics[Summer Kitchen Series|7.05]
  • Alyse Knorr, Ballast [Rane Arroyo Series|11]


  • Oliver Baez Bendorf, The Gospel According to X 
  • Edison Dupree, Boy With a Ball 
  • John Keene, Playland 
  • Phoebe Reeves, The Gardener and the Garden 
  • Jonathan Bracker, Attending Junior High 
  • Jennifer Moore, Smaller Ghosts 
  • Reilly Cox, The Death of Sargon the Gardener 
  • Jennifer Stewart Miller, The Strangers Burial Ground 
  • Bryce Emley, We Might Never Be This Beautiful Again 
  • Daniel Barnum, Names for Animals
  • Susan Austin, Disappearing Word
  • Ann Tweedy, Beleaguered Oases
  • Ed Madden, Sebastian
  • Mark Ward, Carcass

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