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sherwood_low-theory_webLow Theory: poems by Justin Sherwood. Number 2 in Volume Four of our limited-edition Summer Kitchen Chapbook Series, now available at summer’s end.

Cover image: antique quilting fabric, Pennsylvania. Series design by Ron Mohring.

Published: September 21, 2016 [49 copies]
22 pages
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Justin Sherwood‘s  poems have appeared in H.O.W. Journal, Women’s Studies Quarterly (WSQ), and H_NGM_N, among others. He reviews poetry for Scout: Poetry in Review, and his other reviews and essays have appeared in Entropy, New Criticals, and The Poetry Project Newsletter. He teaches at The New School,  where he received his MFA in Creative Writing.

Interior with Sky 

Push where the entrance 
is most narrow. No new flag,
just mutation in fiber
and coloration. On
which side we hang it.
What I stand for
is flagless, the walls
blank and I won’t
ask to drill them. Just sit
here in whiteness and see.
If shapes form out
of ether, if we go blind,
if our ears sharpen
and we discover we have
neighbors and they are tireless
in tall shoes. They move
out and in, and what
they carry. They will
know us when they see us
if they see us.

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