Looking forward, looking back

As I work to unpack the last few boxes in my tiny study (the new center of operations for Seven Kitchens Press), it’s heartening to glance around and see our many chapbooks arranged in their various stages of completion, nested alphabetically by author in their cubbies. I’d love to do more to promote their fine work. Perhaps you have a little time to help? Write a review, or conduct an interview? Host an online reading? Most of our titles are still in print. Please reach out if you’re interested.

We’re looking for a new editor for the Robin Becker Series. Many thanks to Crystal Boson for her work in this series. As I look ahead at our fifteenth year, I’ve bolstered my determination to pull back a bit, just enough to get some of my own writing done. By year’s end, I hope to have full editorial teams in place for the Becker, Arroyo, and Keystone series. If you are a poet wishing to champion more women’s voices, more work by marginalized writers, work by POC and writers across the gender spectrum, please reach out.

In case you missed it, here are our nominations for this year’s Pushcart Prizes, in order of the chapbooks’ publication:

2021 marks our fifteenth year, notwithstanding some bumps and a hiatus or two along the way. We’ve brought out over 150 chapbooks, most still in print. If you’d like to see Seven Kitchens Press continue our commitment to championing the best and most diverse voices we can find, please consider buying a chapbook or two, or make a donation (we’ll soon announce our 15:15 drive). There’s also a few 2021 subscription packages left. And if you’re a poet, please send us your best work when our series open this year (check the guidelines section).

Finally, and foremost, thank you to everyone who has supported our little press. The vast majority of operations is done by one person (me), though I like to think always that we’re all connected in this endeavor.

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