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Ed Madden’s Ted Talk: How to Lift Him

Frank, open, painful, specific, direct, moving, and perhaps above all, generous: these are words that come to me as I watch Ed Madden’s Ted Talk, “How to Lift Him.” Thank you for sharing.


Ed Madden, My Father’s House: Kickstarter campaign success

Just checked in on the Kickstarter campaign to support the November 7 performance of Ed Madden’s My Father’s House set to music by Paddy Dover: the campaign has met its $3500 goal and is still going strong! Please help support this unique event.

Ed Madden – My Father’s House – pre-order yours!

We’re so happy to announce the imminent release of Ed Madden’s My Father’s House (Editor’s Series #2.04) on April 21. Help us celebrate Ed’s beautiful poems by pre-ordering your copy now!