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New chapbook release: Joshua Davis, Reversal Spells in Blue and Black (Summer Kitchen Series)

What better month than August to launch our hot, limited-edition Summer Kitchen Series? First up is Reversal Spells in Blue and Black by Joshua Davis, selected as #1 in Volume Ten of this series. Joshua’s chapbook launches officially on August 9. Only 24 copies are available from the press; the other 25 belong to the author.

August 9 update: This chapbook has sold out. Thank you!

Dan Kraines, Licht (Robin Becker Series)

We’re delighted to announce the publication of our 27th title in the Robin Becker Series: Licht by Dan Kraines, selected by series editor Steve Bellin-Oka, is available now for order. Our thanks to last year’s readers, Halsey Hyer and Rocky Halpern, who selected Dan’s manuscript along with two others in 2021. (Stay tuned for the reveal of our 2022 selections!) Please join us in welcoming Dan to the Seven Kitchens family.

Arden Eli Hill, Bloodwater Parish (Editor’s Series)

We celebrate the release of our newest chapbook, Arden Eli Hill’s Bloodwater Parish, which was launched yesterday at Blue Cypress Books in New Orleans. (Many thanks to Brad Richard and to the folks at Blue Cypress, and to Patty Paine for the stunning cover image.) Please join us in welcoming Arden to the Seven Kitchens family. Read more about Bloodwater Parish here.

Keystone Chapbook Series is now open

We are now reading manuscripts for our annual Keystone Chapbook Series through the month of June. Our new series editors, Jeff Walt and Karen J. Weyant, are eager to read your work.

The Keystone Chapbook Series was launched in 2007 with Underground Singing by Harry Humes. We welcome poetry manuscripts from writers with a Pennsylvania connection. Full guidelines are available here.

Give Ten: The Brigid Alliance

In response to increasing attacks on reproductive health care in the U.S., we have decided to dedicate this year’s Give Ten donations to The Brigid Alliance. The Brigid Alliance arranges and funds confidential, personalized travel support to those seeking abortion care in increasingly hostile environments.

Ten percent of all sales will be directed to The Brigid Alliance. Instead of a one-month donation drive, we will continue this donation from May 1 through the end of this year. Please consider donating to this cause.

  • October update: Thanks to your purchases since May 1, we have raised $270 for The Brigid Alliance. Thank you for supporting our poets and for helping poetry support reproductive health care!

Announcing the Allison Joseph Chapbook Series

We are thrilled to announce the second of two new chapbook series launching this year, both for women writers.

The Allison Joseph Chapbook Series seeks original, unpublished poetry manuscripts in English by BIPOC women writers. All styles welcome. This series honors Allison Joseph, whose dedication as a writer, teacher, editor, and mentor has established her as an exemplary model of literary citizenship. We are especially proud to offer this series as part of our long-term commitment to publish women and other traditionally underrepresented voices, with the goal of making them a significant majority of our catalog.

Manuscripts will be considered annually during the month of May. NOTE: for the launch of this series, we will accept manuscripts until June 30. This year, Allison Joseph will serve as the final judge. Full guidelines are available here.

Erica Charis-Molling, How We Burn (Robin Becker Series)

Please join us in celebrating the release of Erica Charis-Molling’s chapbook, How We Burn, selected by series editor Steve Bellin-Oka as #26 in the Robin Becker Series. Order your copy here!

Robin Becker Series is open

It’s spring. It’s winter. Flip a coin; here in Cincinnati we toggle back and forth almost daily. But one thing is certain: it’s April, and we are eagerly looking forward to reading your manuscripts for the Robin Becker Chapbook Series! Submission window closes on April 30, so please check out our complete guidelines and send us your very best work!

Allison Blevins & Joshua Davis, Chorus for the Kill (Editor’s Series)

Please join us in celebrating the release of our newest chapbook: Chorus for the Kill, a collaboration between Allison Blevins and Joshua Davis, is Number 5 in Volume 5 of our Editor’s Series, and you can order your copy here.

Nora Hikari, GIRL 2.0 (Robin Becker Series)

Please join us in celebrating the release of our newest chapbook: selected by series editor Steve Bellin-Oka, Nora Hikari’s GIRL 2.0 is Number 25 in the Robin Becker Chapbook Series, and our 168th chapbook. Read a sample poem and order your copy here.

cover art: Paul Bilger