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Keystone Chapbook Series is open

We have thrown open the window for our annual Keystone Chapbook Series reading period. For the month of June, series editors Jeff Walt and Karen J. Weyant look forward to reading manuscripts from all poets with a Pennsylvania connection. Please click here to read full guidelines for our longest-running series!

Reading window has shifted: Allison Joseph Series

Because we received no manuscripts through May 30 of this year, we have shifted the reading period to November. We hope that this will provide sufficient time to better spread the word and generate interest in this series. The first two selected chapbooks are scheduled for publication this September. We are very open to dialogue about this series and are actively looking for ways to better promote it. If you are interested in being a series reader or have any comments or suggestions, please write to us at sevenkitchenspress at gmail dot com.

Call for manuscripts: The Allison Joseph Series

We welcome poetry manuscripts during the month of May November for our annual Allison Joseph Series for BIPOC women writers. Two manuscripts will be selected for publication. A $10 donation entitles you to a title in this series. 

Our congratulations to the poets selected by Allison Joseph for publication this summer:

  • Paloma Martinez-Cruz, for Other Bombs
  • Asani Charles, for Wordsongs for Grandmas

Find full guidelines here.

Call for poetry manuscripts: The Summer Kitchen Series

We welcome poetry manuscripts during the month of January for our annual Summer Kitchen Series. This series publishes three to five chapbooks in a limited-edition print run of 49 copies, half of which go to the author. Two manuscripts will be selected from the January entries. Find full guidelines here.

Keystone Chapbook Series is now open

We are now reading manuscripts for our annual Keystone Chapbook Series through the month of June. Our new series editors, Jeff Walt and Karen J. Weyant, are eager to read your work.

The Keystone Chapbook Series was launched in 2007 with Underground Singing by Harry Humes. We welcome poetry manuscripts from writers with a Pennsylvania connection. Full guidelines are available here.

Announcing the Allison Joseph Chapbook Series

We are thrilled to announce the second of two new chapbook series launching this year, both for women writers.

The Allison Joseph Chapbook Series seeks original, unpublished poetry manuscripts in English by BIPOC women writers. All styles welcome. This series honors Allison Joseph, whose dedication as a writer, teacher, editor, and mentor has established her as an exemplary model of literary citizenship. We are especially proud to offer this series as part of our long-term commitment to publish women and other traditionally underrepresented voices, with the goal of making them a significant majority of our catalog.

Manuscripts will be considered annually during the month of May. NOTE: for the launch of this series, we will accept manuscripts until June 30. This year, Allison Joseph will serve as the final judge. Full guidelines are available here.

Robin Becker Series is open

It’s spring. It’s winter. Flip a coin; here in Cincinnati we toggle back and forth almost daily. But one thing is certain: it’s April, and we are eagerly looking forward to reading your manuscripts for the Robin Becker Chapbook Series! Submission window closes on April 30, so please check out our complete guidelines and send us your very best work!

Last call for Keystone Chapbook manuscripts

It’s our last call roundup for the Keystone Chapbook Series by poets with a Pennsylvania connection. Our first and oldest series was launched in 2007 with the publication of Underground Singing by Harry Humes. Series editors Steve Bellin-Oka and Ron Mohring are especially looking for work by marginalized voices. The annual reading period runs June 1 through July 15. Full guidelines are here.

Queer Open Window: We are now reading for the Robin Becker Chapbook Series

It’s April. You’ve got poems, and we want to read them! Now considering manuscripts for the annual Robin Becker Chapbook Series, seeking to publish the very best poetry by LGBTQ+ writers. We are working harder than ever to reach out to underrepresented poets and invite them to submit their writing. Full guidelines here:

Reading period has closed for the Rane Arroyo Series

We received over 100 manuscripts for the Rane Arroyo Chapbook Series! Thanks to everyone who sent work. Please allow a few days for us to comb through everything and double-check that all your titles are posted on our Manuscripts Received page. Dan and Ron have some winter reading to do!