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Call for manuscripts: the A.V. Christie Series

We welcome poetry manuscripts during the month of February for our annual A.V. Christie Series for women-identifying writers over the age of 50. Two manuscripts will be selected for publication. A $10 donation entitles you to either title in this series, or a copy of A.V. Christie’s The Wonders–or you may opt to receive one of the new titles when they are released this summer. Find full guidelines here.

New chapbooks released: Bancroft, Thomas: A.V. Christie Series

We’re proud to release both titles in our A.V. Christie Series today: The Square Where Ariadne Sleeps by Catherine Bancroft and Trail of Roots by Gail Thomas were both selected by guest judge Nathalie Anderson. Please join us in celebrating their publication.

A.V. Christie Series selections

We are grateful to this year’s guest judge, Nathalie Anderson, for selecting the first two manuscripts to appear in our new A. V. Christie Series. Nathalie selected The Square Where Ariadne Sleeps by Catherine Bancroft and Trail of Roots by Gail Thomas. Catherine’s and Gail’s chapbooks were selected from sixty manuscripts–a very strong response for our series launch–and will be published this fall.

Thanks also to our reader, Diana Becket. Your care and attention is greatly appeciated.

Please join us in congratulating these poets and their work!