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Pair-up #3: Priscilla Atkins & Eric Schwerer

Pair-ups: a special pairing of two titles from our backlist, these are limited in number and only available at this price while supplies are in stock. Catch up on some great chapbooks you may have missed. Free shipping on all Pair-up orders.

  • Pair-up #3 features Drinking the Pink by Priscilla Atkins & Cruel Folkore by Eric Schwerer. Priscilla is the author of The Cafe of Our Departure (Sibling Rivalry Press); Drinking the Pink was part of our limited-edition Summer Kitchen Series in 2017. Eric is the author of The Saint of Withdrawal (2006) and Whittling Lessons (2005); his chapbook was selected by Deirdre O’Connor for our Keystone Chapbook Series in 2016. Get both chapbooks now for only $10 with free shipping!

Summer Kitchen Series: chapbook two is out: Priscilla Atkins | Drinking the Pink

It’s not escaped my attention that I am always saying I’m thrilled to release a new chapbook, but, folks, I am very much that–thrilled–to announce the publication of Drinking the Pink by Priscilla Atkins, Number 2 in this year’s Summer Kitchen Series and the 21st title in that very-limited-edition series. Only 24 copies will be sold by the press; the author gets the other 25.

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